Construction is a Service Business

Meridian Construction was established in 1993 by Tim Long, owner and president, who enjoys working with each of Meridian’s clients on a personal level. He knows the buck stops with him and he treats the responsibility as if it’s sacred. Tim continues to draw from the wisdom of his team, always looking toward advanced construction industry innovations.

From this executive direction, Meridian employees strive daily to be construction industry leaders, continuously improving their technical and managerial skills as well as applying scientific methodologies to solving problems. Our people are critical thinkers, exercising their creativity and offering innovations into the ongoing work. Sometimes new and better building features emerge during construction. Clients love this about us!

Client service is enhanced by our strategically managed growth. We currently take on about fifteen to twenty projects annually. True to our hiring strategy, our employees vary in age and experience from the young and ambitious to the seasoned and wise. This gives our clients and our management team diverse perspectives on our dynamic industry while sustaining the human foundation that allows Meridian Construction its prolonged success.

In 2004, we built our main office facility at 32 Artisan Court in Gilford, NH near Lake Winnipesaukee and the Laconia Airport. It continues to function very well as our company headquarters. Consisting of over 20,000 square feet, it holds our main office space, three additional office units in the front and a light-industrial warehouse space. The company is proudly debt-free, financially strong, and has the capacity to bond $30 million at any one point in time.

Each year Meridian makes a continued investment in its people, education, safety, equipment and technology applications, positioning the company ahead of many reputable contractors. As you make your construction partner choice very carefully, we encourage you to get to know some of our people see for yourself what makes us tick!