Building and Relocating in New Hampshire

October 7, 2020

Considering a move to a more rural or scenic area? Many people today, including entire companies are not just considering it but have already done it or started the process. It’s happening across the country and we certainly feel the movement here in New England.

New Hampshire is a particularly special place where people take exceptional care of their surroundings and communities. It’s no wonder there remains extremely high demand for real estate as well as architectural and construction services in our state. As we grow in population, we must remain vigilant in keeping NH special, and a tremendous part of that is caring for how we develop properties in this beautiful and resource-blessed part of the world.

Improving the Built Environment

One of our highest priorities at Meridian Construction is to work with good, caring people who appreciate our state’s gifts, such as the breathtaking lakes, mountains and valleys offering clean, clear water, forests and fresh air. We all live here and every Meridian employee has an affinity for the outdoors and clean open spaces.

Through education and experience, green building practices are “baked in” to our nature. Our engineering partners understand every aspect of how our work transforms the environment, and by applying proper planning and care, our building projects have a minimal and sometimes positive impact on their local environs.

Today’s clients can take advantage of our “Smart Home” technology experience to custom integrate modern electronics. You control every system in the home (and your energy use) using your fingertips or voice, with simple commands on your phone or control panels – Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Window Shades, Cameras & Home Security, Intercom, Home Theater, Room Audio, Multi-room Heat, and even driveway heaters to melt snow & ice without salt.

Meridian Makes it Happen

If you are relocating to NH and want to customize your home or business, please talk with us. Our network of influential contacts, suppliers and subcontractors helps us get things done faster and more efficiently. Our relationships are strong because our business network recognizes the integrity of words kept, bills paid and schedules met.

Because we have these great relationships with key people and understand regulatory protocols, we cheerfully handle the compliance and approval processes. On top of that, our quality standards and financial strength attract the best subcontractors to our projects so we can complete each phase according to schedule.

Having earned the trust of leading financial institutions, architects, engineers, suppliers and subcontractors, Meridian Construction is poised to serve business executives, professional individuals and retirees who wish to build in New Hampshire.

Perfecting Shoreline Residential Construction

No other state can boast of having more clean, fresh open water per square mile, ideally suited for recreation, than New Hampshire. No wonder “Lake Life” is a beloved locally-coined phrase. Preserving this natural treasure is a high priority for residents as well as local & state planning officials. As such, the demand for buildable lakeshore property has increased dramatically as availability is limited.

Meridian Construction continually studies and applies shoreland regulations and lakefront construction best practices; everything from maintaining forest canopies and root systems to protecting against soil contamination and runoff. As a result, our clients rest assured that their new home harmonizes with the landscape and environment while it brings security, joy and comfort to their family.

Whether it’s pairing your vision with the right architect, navigating the permitting process or assembling talented craftsmen to finish every detail of your dream home, Meridian will create the destination lakefront property that you and your family will cherish for generations.

If you have a lake life dream that you’re ready to define into a clear vision, it’s probably time to start a conversation with us. When you do, more specialized resources will open up, additional ideas will form and you’ll be a giant step closer to enjoying your own cherished piece of New Hampshire.

We welcome all inquiries related to NH lakeshore development and construction. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Long at (603) 527 – 0101 Ext. 106.

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