Building Retreats for Great Escapes

May 15, 2020

From Vacation Home to Always Home

Anyone who has vacationed in New England knows how ideal the weather and climate can be in the summer. Lots of the summer “camps” and cottages dotting the shores of our lakes and seacoast have been transformed into four-season homes providing a destination for year-round enjoyment. Now, people building and renovating on the waterfront want the option of escaping there anytime, regardless of the season. Some are moving in permanently.

Escaping the Fray

To enjoy life regardless of what the weather brings, you might as well appreciate all the seasons from the comfort, beauty and perspective of a lakefront home. You can enjoy the ever-changing hues of the lakes and mountains whether under sunshine, rain or softly falling snow.

In the era of coronavirus, environmental awareness and information technology, being close to the plant or office is losing importance as some of us find we can work effectively from home, wherever that may be. Trends already point to owners transitioning vacation properties from two-season getaways to year-round homes with amenities equaling their “permanent” residences.

New Opportunities for Creative Excellence

The trend toward having permanent homes away from cities makes building on lakefront property all the more attractive, expanding the market for premium architectural design. Years ago, we implemented a business strategy to be the premier builder of exquisite homes in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire as a balanced approach to diversifying our construction management business. It has worked out well. This category of “residential” projects requires many of the same skill sets, systems and expertise used in commercial construction, and sometimes more as a detail-oriented homeowner may demand.

Architectural Growth Potential

Homeowners love to be fully involved in the creation of their dream homes. They’re invested in the success of their projects and are some of the best clients to work with, and to some architects, this is no secret! We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with architects and specialty craftsmen known throughout New England for excellence in waterfront residential building.

The unique lakefront homes in our portfolio help beautify the shorelines of Lake Winnipesaukee. One of them will soon be featured in NH Home Magazine. Our latest overlooking Alton Bay deserves a look even before its full summer season is underway. Please Scroll our residential portfolio to see some distinctive architectural creativity and building executions.

If you want your next waterfront project to run smoothly, feel free to contact us online or call Tim Long at 603-527-0101 ext. 106

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