NH State Library

Concord NH

This historical restoration of the NH State Library in Concord was a challenging project which involved analyzing existing conditions to confirm the original construction and then restoring various areas to original historically sensitive conditions. This was our third project at the NH State Library and we are very pleased with the work that we have completed here. Considering the age of the building (circa 1895), the sensitivity of the structure and the historic and sometimes fragile contents, the final results are quite stunning, having the effect of bringing you back in time.

There were some surprises. During select demolition on this project, we discovered hidden coffered ceilings in the library’s map room. Meridian led the effort to undertake the historical restoration of these ornamental plaster and coffered ceilings by convincing the NH State Library, the State of NH DAS and the Subcontractors to pursue this extra work. Other work involved repairing interior skylight glass which was replaced and/or re-glazed. The original glazing compound contained asbestos which was properly abated. The new frosted replacement glass was enhanced by attic area lighting located above the skylights which simulated natural lighting that had been previously eliminated through years of alterations.

Other restoration items included refurbishing existing plaster walls, ceilings and moldings, plus repairing a marble stairwell and mosaic flooring. Thermal improvements were also made which involved adding low expansion foam insulation to attic walls and ceilings above existing interior restored skylights. To add the finishing restorative touches, our scope of work included cleaning, repairing and re-pointing the building’s exterior granite facade.