Leveraging a Partnership to Meet Growth Challenges

June 20, 2019

Two Companies Take Advantage of Respective Business Networks

Meridian’s Kyle Long working with two of his MCCI Colleagues

Lining up subcontractors and skilled craftsmen is a major challenge these days, especially if you want to grow your construction business. It’s also hard to find and keep skilled, reliable people fulltime in this labor market, especially while the economy continues to grow with record low unemployment.

For the construction industry to satisfy continued high demand, having enough people to fill crews is probably the biggest challenge lately. Meridian Construction’s core team of project managers, tradesmen and dedicated subs have always served clients reliably, but there comes a point when you need to think outside the box concerning how to maintain a growth strategy in a tight labor market.

If there aren’t enough available workers, what can you do? For Meridian Construction, needs and mutual opportunity intersected at just the right time.

Leveraging Relationship Networks

Back in January Meridian Construction announced plans for a management agreement with Mark Carrier Construction, Inc. (MCCI) in Manchester. We are excited to provide an update to the New Hampshire business community.

The management partnership between these two firms has given each the ability to cast a wider net, not only geographically but also in terms of contractor, vendor and client relationships. MCCI has built strong business relationships throughout Southern New Hampshire and into Massachusetts while Meridian’s highly established network covers all of New Hampshire from Nashua to the North Country.

Stronger Together

“We’re discovering that we’re stronger together,” said Meridian’s president, Tim Long after a recent meeting at MCCI’s Manchester office. “Carrier’s people are great to work with… they’re starting to appreciate Meridian’s organizational skills and have come to value the people we bring to the table. By the same token, we’ve found some very talented men and women on their team who’ve been extremely helpful and welcoming to our management philosophy. It’s definitely a win-win situation.”

Tim Long wanted to address the challenges of growing within a tight labor market and the timing was good to try the partnership. He says it’s working well, stating, “Having Carrier’s teams working with Meridian’s management team and our proven systems have given both companies extra leverage to take on more projects suited to our business models. From a few conversations I’ve had, it’s given our companies an even higher level of respect in the market.”

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