Lakefront Masterpiece Built by Meridian Wins Top Architectural Award

From the earliest conversations to putting the finishing touches on one of our recent projects, we hadn’t the slightest notion that the architects would win the 2024 Home of the Year award for this home design. We’re pleased to provide you with a copy of our press release announcing the architectural design award for the… Read More »

Navigating the Waters of New Hampshire Lakefront Construction

Lake Winnipesaukee is a truly amazing place for those dreaming of a custom lakefront home. However, construction on its shores involves a careful balancing act of obtaining the right permits, respecting the ecosystem, and achieving a fitting architectural excellence. Honing decades of experience in lakefront building, Meridian Construction is mastering this art, blending our unique… Read More »

How Construction Teams Leverage Technology to Improve the Building Process

Our construction crews and contractor partners have been using continuously advancing technology for decades. In recent years, the construction industry has seen an influx of modern digital technologies that make building methods more efficient and effective. From BIM software to drones to 3D printing, there are many ways that we are leveraging technology to design… Read More »

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Accelerated Renovations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Phase 1 Renovations Completed in 10 Weeks Gilford, New Hampshire – November 1, 2022:  Meridian Construction is serving as construction manager for major building renovations at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover, NH. With the first phase completed in time for the 2022-2023 school year, additional… Read More »

Synergizing Skills in Commercial and Residential Construction

  Here in New Hampshire, it’s relatively common for building contractors to take on both commercial and home building projects. This is not so in other parts of New England, especially to our south. Contractors tend to either be Commercial or Residential builders but not both. This makes sense because each category requires different sets… Read More »

Meridian Construction Helps Celebrate Grand Opening of St. Sebastian Hall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gilford, New Hampshire – October 14, 2021:  Meridian Construction served as general contractor for the construction of a 17,000 sq ft multipurpose facility for 150-year-old St. Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, NH. The Certificate of Occupancy was granted August 16, 2021 and on September 8, the school held a grand opening ceremony attended… Read More »

Innovations in Heating, Cooling and Lighting Systems

Consider what type of heating system you wish you install when building your home or business facilities. The EPA ranks geothermal heating systems as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective temperature conditioning systems. Is a Geothermal System an Option for Your Building? Geothermal systems use a pump to transport air between your… Read More »

Building Green Should Mean Building Better

“Building green.” What does it really mean? Simply stated, it’s construction using environmentally sustainable practices, and it is truly a win for everyone – the owner, the builder and the community. There are lingering misperceptions about green building practices that include higher costs, less desirable recycled materials and more complex maintenance requirements. That may have… Read More »

Building and Relocating in New Hampshire

Considering a move to a more rural or scenic area? Many people today, including entire companies are not just considering it but have already done it or started the process. It’s happening across the country and we certainly feel the movement here in New England. New Hampshire is a particularly special place where people take… Read More »