Custom Estate Homes Built for Generations

“Yes, we are really enjoying it. It’s an incredible home! Your team was and is awesome.” Such is the immediate reply from a new vacation home owner in response to a Meridian service follow up. His words speak volumes about the client experience that you can expect whether you’re speaking with our president who’s keeping his eye on your project’s priorities or our stone masons finishing up some of the finer details of your dream home.

Meridian Construction recognizes the actual work scope involved in constructing spacious, high value, energy-efficient homes. We’re informed by decades of commercial building experience. Strategically, we choose to build a few grand and beautiful residences for very special homeowners each year in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Some of our custom-designed homes also grace the countryside and finer neighborhoods across New Hampshire and Northern New England.

If you would like to work with the upper-strata artisans of homebuilding in New Hampshire, please put us on your consideration list. We promise you a refreshingly enjoyable experience as you get to know the builder-craftsmen with deep roots and cherished reputations here at Meridian Construction.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our residential construction services. Or feel free to contact our president, Tim Long, to discuss your unique project. (603) 527-0101

Tanglewood Shore Estate
Blackey Cove Estate
Bedford Residence
Long Island Point Residence