The Boulders Cottage

Alton Bay, New Hampshire

The Boulders Cottage is set beautifully at the opening of Alton Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee. The property seamlessly blends in several elements of nature and human craftsmanship in a stunning 4-season home. The main building boasts a clean and modern facade outlined by classic rooflines and gables. A unique combination of siding and bright finishes makes the house gleam through the trees and out to the water.

Special attention to the landscaping provides a kind of “Zen” feeling as the natural woodland, granite ledges and boulders meet with the talent of master landscapers and stone masons who carved out the beautiful grounds, water features and hardscapes all around the house.

Builder: Meridian Construction
Architect: Misiaszek & Turpin Architects
Landscape design: John Stephens Landscaping Design & Construction