Synergizing Skills in Commercial and Residential Construction

February 11, 2022


Here in New Hampshire, it’s relatively common for building contractors to take on both commercial and home building projects. This is not so in other parts of New England, especially to our south. Contractors tend to either be Commercial or Residential builders but not both. This makes sense because each category requires different sets of expertise even as some areas overlap.

In the less urban areas of NH (most of it), commercial jobs tend to be smaller in scope and include things like boutique retail shops & malls, dental, medical and professional offices. Therefore, numerous contractors in NH who mostly build homes are happy to take on the smaller commercial projects. Fortunately, the professionals in our industry know their limits and most of them stick to what they can best handle. The larger industrial, institutional, corporate and municipal facilities are fewer yet prized by the larger contractors in our state and we gladly compete for our share.

Cross-Category Construction Management

Generally speaking, project scope and architecture are the major differences between commercial buildings and homes. However, there are plenty of situations in which an exceptional custom home requires the same scale of site planning, engineering, materials and capabilities as small and medium sized commercial projects. And in many cases, there is greater scrutiny of the finished work in a custom luxury home as it meets its owner’s highest expectations.

Bridging Project Scope, Building Science, and Art

As noted, today’s distinctive and larger scale residences take on the engineering and budgetary scope of a significant commercial project. Everything from environmental impact studies to final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy require rigorous planning, execution and follow through.

Meridian Construction is one of the few commercial Construction Managers in New Hampshire that proudly showcases some of the amazing lake homes we’ve built in addition to our extensive commercial project portfolio. Understandably, many commercial builders want to be known only in the commercial real estate world. Meridian’s clients, on the other hand, understand that our cross-category expertise only adds value to the end results of their buildings and grounds, whether a business, institution or domicile.

Leveraging Assets

We’re grateful for our lasting and solid relationships in both the commercial and residential architecture and engineering communities. Meridian Construction has worked very hard over 3 decades to build our financial strength to handle larger projects and apply leverage where and when we need to. In fact, during the height of the Covid building materials crisis, we completed a major new multipurpose school building within budget and on time as a direct result of our supplier relationships and financial leverage.

Whether it’s an educational, industrial or municipal building, or even the dream home you’ll pass on to future generations, consider working with the team at Meridian Construction. We’re building the future and building dreams.

Focused on Results

We appreciate the opportunity to describe our strategic approach to growing as a builder and construction manager in New Hampshire. How well has it worked? The proof is in the buildings. We offer you a video tour for a closer look at select properties in both our Commercial and Residential project portfolios.

Meridian Residential Projects

Meridian Commercial Projects

Saint Sebastian Hall at Saint Patrick Academy

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