Kennett Middle School Recreation Center

Conway, NH

A large, unused section of the Kennett Middle School building was transformed by Meridian into a fully functioning recreation center, including a fully restored gymnasium that dates back to the 1930s. While all bids were over budget, we worked with the owners and were able to adjust ways of implementing the project so that it fit within the budget. The final outcome was beyond their expectations.

According to the official citation by Governor Sununu, “The new facility offers programs for people of all ages and interests and benefits people throughout the community.” Town Manager Tom Holmes praised Meridian Construction for their dedication. “I know they worked early mornings, late nights and weekends without compensation.” The work focused on the most important features of a new Gym and Recreation Center which included: New basketball court with polished hardwood floor, new backboards & hoops, protective gym wall padding, brighter and more efficient LED lighting, new collapsible bleacher seats and energy-efficient windows.