Construction Services

Meridian Construction Corporation is a multi-faceted General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build company offering comprehensive services in the Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Industrial markets (serving both the public and private sector). Our business focuses its resources on construction projects that include, but are not limited to, new buildings, renovations, additions, historical restorations and sites, roads, and utilities.

Our construction services include:

  • General Contracting, Construction Management & Design-Build
  • Commercial, Residential, Institutional & Industrial
  • Private or public projects up to $25 million

What is Construction Management?

With increasing advancements in architecture and design, it has become more complicated for contractors to build alone. The more unique the blueprint, the more difficult it is to devise ways of making it work. With Construction Management these problems are easily avoided. From start to finish, we work closely with the owner and the architect/engineer, so that no detail is lost.

It is difficult for any designer to know exactly how much their ideas will cost when put to material. Their role in the process is to imagine and invest in conceptual models, so that when we offer our services we are able to give critical feedback and advice that allows for a more cohesive map of their own ideas. This allows for better planning and the avoidance of future problems before they happen, while simplifying the entire building process once it begins.

In addition, what major advantages would I get as a client?

You would be able to have a hands-on role working with the architect and construction manager, offering your own opinions and feedback to each. Being part of a team, we work to achieve the most cost-effective, practical solutions available.

In construction, nothing can be more dangerous than a lack of knowledge. At Meridian, part of our excellence comes from years of experience, learning the ins and outs of every kind of project, so that when we offer our insights to a given job, we are able to back it up with practical advice. The best decisions are always made when you know all the risks. It’s partly why our clients choose us: we can keep you ahead of the obstacles that can derail a project, and help you avoid the unexpected situations that can be the difference between success and failure.

What is Design-Build?

It is an incredibly cost-effective way of building your architectural concepts without losing time or quality. During the most critical phases of construction, it’s important to stay as flexible as one can when facing unforeseen challenges—and with our familiarity with materials, methods, and industrial capacity, we can help you save both price and value.

In years past, there used to be only one process for a construction project: you hire an architect who would invest a few months composing plans for a series of contractors to bid and compete for the lowest price. The objective: find the cheapest cost through the best competition. And if none of the bids seemed low enough, the architect would return to the drawing board while (thousands of dollars later) he struggled over another drawing. Ultimately, a general contractor was chosen, but experience and expertise rarely had anything to do with their approval—it usually came down to who promised to work for the least amount of money. And if they weren’t capable of completing the project safely and accurately, that was a problem left for a later date.

With Design-Build we avoid the initial steps, and that puts you (the owner, the client) in the driver’s seat. We avoid the long, discouraging months waiting for contractors to bid down to a certain number. Your price already begins low. With one contract written and signed, we handle oversight of all the design and build elements, and we hire an architect that we know will do the best job in the setting provided.

This allows for faster work and better solutions, which ultimately saves all those concerned from the headaches of extended delays and expenses. Our clients are confident in knowing we’ll get them the best value at the best cost, which is why we are so good at design-build.