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Meridian Construction Helps Celebrate Grand Opening of St. Sebastian Hall



Gilford, New Hampshire – October 14, 2021:  Meridian Construction served as general contractor for the construction of a 17,000 sq ft multipurpose facility for 150-year-old St. Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, NH. The Certificate of Occupancy was granted August 16, 2021 and on September 8, the school held a grand opening ceremony attended by students, staff, family. Also present were representatives from Meridian Construction, architectural firm Oak Point Associates and Altus Engineering.

Designed by Oak Point Associates, St. Sebastian Hall boasts classrooms, locker rooms, arts areas and a multisport facility for basketball, volleyball, futsal, tennis and more. As experts in modern school construction with several notable projects to their name, Meridian Construction was the ideal construction management firm to partner with the architects at Oak Point.

Understanding that school buildings are the places where students need to grow and thrive, Meridian Constructions puts industry innovations into place to create spaces that empower not just today’s thinkers and doers, but our future’s as well. For St. Patrick Academy, it’s about nurturing the development of mind, body and spirit.

St. Patrick’s needed a gymnasium, but they needed more than that. As a growing school responsible for the academic, physical and spiritual education of close to 100 students from kindergarten through grade eight, they couldn’t devote their budget or physical footprint to a single-purpose space. They needed builders who excel at mixed-use spaces. Meridian Construction built St. Sebastian Hall to fulfill multiple needs. The building expands the school in size and scope by adding flexible teaching and core space. The space also allows for musicals and performing arts, plus STEM, robotics and coding. After the close of each school year, it will provide a central location to host summer programming.

Modern building design and construction techniques produced an energy-efficient facility that uses radiant-heated floors and ingenious ventilation to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Care was put into creating spaces with diffused natural lighting for the mental and physical well-being of the building’s occupants.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Tim Long, president of Meridian Construction, said, “It’s a proud moment today here in Portsmouth, with the building of St. Sebastian Hall for St. Patrick Academy. It’s an amazing design and facility that I think will stand here for the test of time and build all kinds of young people going forward.”

St. Sebastian Hall was the product of a community effort made possible by St. Patrick Academy’s Hope for Tomorrow Foundation, which raised funds for the new building. And now, that community is blessed with a modern, multifunction, highly efficient new facility that resulted from the inspired design of Oak Point combined with the talented and skilled execution of Meridian Construction’s team.


News Contact:

Tim Long

President, Meridian Construction | (603) 527-0101 Ext. 106

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Innovations in Heating, Cooling and Lighting Systems

Consider what type of heating system you wish you install when building your home or business facilities. The EPA ranks geothermal heating systems as the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective temperature conditioning systems.

Is a Geothermal System an Option for Your Building?

Geothermal systems use a pump to transport air between your home and the earth. In the winter, warm air underground is brought up into your home through forced air or radiant floor heating systems. The process is reversed in the summer, where warm air is pumped out of your home and transported underground to be cooled. The constant temperature of the earth makes geothermal units twice as efficient as traditional air conditioners or heat pumps. They also require little maintenance, saving you from the hassle of costly repairs.

Of course, it’s important to note that not all building lots can support geothermal systems due to various underground conditions but they are becoming more popular wherever they are feasible.

Meridian Construction recently installed a state of the art geothermal HVAC system for the Bedford Public Library where the site conditions are suitable for geothermal. This project was made possible through grants from the New Hampshire Governor and Executive Council, Public Utilities Commission Renewable Energy Fund and Eversource Energy.

LED Lighting Now Lightyears Ahead!

Widespread use of LED lights inside and outside your buildings adds up to big savings in electricity. LED light replacements are superior to incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs in terms of longevity, energy consumption, and maintenance costs. They throw off a comfortable yet bright light for better evening vision. They’ve become so prevalent, that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that LEDs will save Americans up to 190 terawatt hours of electricity per year by 2030.

Sustainability Incentives

You can make the most of your home’s electricity through products that are Energy Star compliant. These products are certified to use 10 to 50 percent less energy than “standard” appliances. Anything from refrigerators to clothes washers can be eligible for an Energy Star certification. Many people have shown a willingness to pay more for Energy Star certified products in order to save money in energy over the products’ lifetime.

More and more people are utilizing some degree of energy efficient technology or sustainable (green) building practice in their homes. One nationwide program, LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has seen the number of homes it certifies skyrocket between 2011 and today. There was a time when people were reluctant to go green, due to high costs and inefficient technology. Now, it’s possible to enjoy the highest quality home of your dreams as well as the peace of mind that comes from being a good steward of the environment.

Building Green Should Mean Building Better

“Building green.” What does it really mean? Simply stated, it’s construction using environmentally sustainable practices, and it is truly a win for everyone – the owner, the builder and the community.

There are lingering misperceptions about green building practices that include higher costs, less desirable recycled materials and more complex maintenance requirements. That may have been true a decade ago but the industry has evolved with natural materials, innovative technologies, methodologies and mechanical systems that make building green the premium standard today.

Meridian Construction has remained on the leading edge of construction technology since our inception and continues to adopt advances in best practices. Some of our projects have become regional models of low environmental impact and energy efficiency innovations.

A Case Study in Better Green Building

A recently completed project in Moultonborough, NH is an ideal case study in green building practices. The owners of a new, 7,600 square foot custom lakeshore home required that energy efficiency be a top priority without compromise to space, comfort and beauty. We therefore utilized technologically advanced construction methods to make “Blackey Cove Estate” one of the most efficient homes in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. The house blends so well into the lakeshore and natural landscape that it’s footprint is hardly perceptible from the water or adjacent woods.

Let’s start with the home’s Intello membrane insulation. Highly adaptive, the temperature-sensitive membrane protects walls against condensation in winter by contracting, and facilitates drying out in summer by expanding. Damage to walls from moisture and mold are greatly reduced, and the inside temperature remains stable.

Additional innovations include double roof and wall systems entailing double inch and a half strapping in correlation with Roxul insulation in order to create a thermal barrier. Roxul is an advanced yet very effective stone wool insulation material.

The use of ductless mini-split heating and cooling units also aids in providing the house with outstanding efficiency levels. Blower door testing of the Blackey Cove Estate yielded air tightness results very rarely witnessed in residential applications.

One of the most remarkable features of the 7,600-square-foot luxury home is the latest in energy-efficient technology in combination with copious natural wood finishes throughout the house. Finished wood was integral to the design, befitting its woodland setting.

Entering the house, you’ll see soaring timbers and arches reminiscent of ancient churches or sailing ships, as part of the true post-and-beam construction the clients required. The copious finished wood was sealed and protected with very low VOC lacquer to display its natural beauty without using potentially dangerous chemicals.

Your might expect high utility bills year round from a house with so much glass and wide-open space. Almost half of a home’s energy consumption goes toward heating and cooling, so maintaining a seasonally constant temperature saves the owners thousands of dollars in energy bills. Meridian’s team worked with engineers and building material experts to incorporate double insulation and specialized thermal air and moisture barriers to create a whole building “envelope” while showcasing the wood and glass.

Various barrier and sealing products were used to ensure that this home would last for generations.

  • TREMproof 250GC was used at the footings to prevent wicking of water.
  • The foundation to the sill plate was sealed with Extoseal Finoc.
  • Solitex Mento 1000 with built-in rain screen was used for the air barrier of the exterior wall, then sealed with Vana seal tape.
  • Solitex Mento Plus was applied over the rafters, then dadoed out 2×4 on the top of the rafters as the roof air barrier, to prevent leaks at fasteners.
  • Intello Plus “smart” barrier material was installed over the 2×6 exterior walls, under the 2×4 strapping as the interior air barrier, then sealed with Vana tape.
  • Two layers of 2×4 strapping was applied in opposing directions to help with the thermal break. It also serves as a place to run wiring and plumbing without penetrating the Intello Plus air barrier.
  • Windows and doors were sealed with Profil Tape.
  • Contega caulk was used between layers of wood framing and in areas of dissimilar materials to reinforce the air-tight seal.

This lakefront gem sets an unparalleled standard for sustainable, energy-efficient construction, thanks to design and construction details devised specifically for this project. Meridian Construction brought the architect’s sustainable design to life in an eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind luxury property that will stand the test of time and the elements season after season for generations.

Saint Patrick Academy Chooses Meridian Construction for New Multipurpose Facility


Gilford, New Hampshire – January 12, 2021: Meridian Construction was chosen to build the new Saint Sebastian Hall for Saint Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, NH based on trusted recommendations and their multi-project experience in building and renovating school gymnasiums. Located on the campus at 315 Banfield Road, the building is on schedule for a June completion.

SPA-GYM-VIDEO ANIMATION (1) from Saint Patrick Academy on Vimeo.

Designed by Oak Point Associates of Biddeford, ME and Portsmouth, NH, this project will expand the school’s PreK to Grade 8 lower and middle school programming by adding co-curricular activities with maker spaces, a full-sized gymnasium and space for the visual and performing arts. The new 17,000 sq ft multipurpose building significantly expands the school by adding classrooms, locker rooms, arts areas and a multi-sports facility for basketball, volleyball, futsal, tennis and more. Students will have enhanced opportunities to flourish and excel through hands-on projects, movement and creativity so they can truly thrive in Mind Body and Spirit – the theme of the capital campaign.

“Education Fully Alive” is the school’s motto inspired from the quote by St. Iranaeus, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” The new Saint Sebastian Hall will facilitate an education that is even more “fully alive” through the expansion of co-curricular activities to enhance all students’ experiences in arts & science, physical fitness, sports and performance art – all nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

“We are very pleased with Meridian Construction and everything is progressing smoothly. Since we launched the Mind Body Spirit Campaign for the gymnasium, the support and excitement for the project has been palpable. Financial contributions have come in from long-time families, new families, grandparents, community members, and local businesses! Saint Patrick Academy students are thriving and this will only add to their fully alive experience,” said James Melone, Head of School.

Representing the general contractor, Tim Long, president of Meridian Construction said, “We enjoy working with schools that present unique architectural designs and provide facilities to help our young people learn and grow. I think Saint Sebastian Hall is really an ideal example of that.”

News Contact:
Tim Long
President, Meridian Construction | (603) 527-0101 Ext. 106

Building and Relocating in New Hampshire

Considering a move to a more rural or scenic area? Many people today, including entire companies are not just considering it but have already done it or started the process. It’s happening across the country and we certainly feel the movement here in New England.

New Hampshire is a particularly special place where people take exceptional care of their surroundings and communities. It’s no wonder there remains extremely high demand for real estate as well as architectural and construction services in our state. As we grow in population, we must remain vigilant in keeping NH special, and a tremendous part of that is caring for how we develop properties in this beautiful and resource-blessed part of the world.

Improving the Built Environment

One of our highest priorities at Meridian Construction is to work with good, caring people who appreciate our state’s gifts, such as the breathtaking lakes, mountains and valleys offering clean, clear water, forests and fresh air. We all live here and every Meridian employee has an affinity for the outdoors and clean open spaces.

Through education and experience, green building practices are “baked in” to our nature. Our engineering partners understand every aspect of how our work transforms the environment, and by applying proper planning and care, our building projects have a minimal and sometimes positive impact on their local environs.

Today’s clients can take advantage of our “Smart Home” technology experience to custom integrate modern electronics. You control every system in the home (and your energy use) using your fingertips or voice, with simple commands on your phone or control panels – Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Window Shades, Cameras & Home Security, Intercom, Home Theater, Room Audio, Multi-room Heat, and even driveway heaters to melt snow & ice without salt.

Meridian Makes it Happen

If you are relocating to NH and want to customize your home or business, please talk with us. Our network of influential contacts, suppliers and subcontractors helps us get things done faster and more efficiently. Our relationships are strong because our business network recognizes the integrity of words kept, bills paid and schedules met.

Because we have these great relationships with key people and understand regulatory protocols, we cheerfully handle the compliance and approval processes. On top of that, our quality standards and financial strength attract the best subcontractors to our projects so we can complete each phase according to schedule.

Having earned the trust of leading financial institutions, architects, engineers, suppliers and subcontractors, Meridian Construction is poised to serve business executives, professional individuals and retirees who wish to build in New Hampshire.

Perfecting Shoreline Residential Construction

No other state can boast of having more clean, fresh open water per square mile, ideally suited for recreation, than New Hampshire. No wonder “Lake Life” is a beloved locally-coined phrase. Preserving this natural treasure is a high priority for residents as well as local & state planning officials. As such, the demand for buildable lakeshore property has increased dramatically as availability is limited.

Meridian Construction continually studies and applies shoreland regulations and lakefront construction best practices; everything from maintaining forest canopies and root systems to protecting against soil contamination and runoff. As a result, our clients rest assured that their new home harmonizes with the landscape and environment while it brings security, joy and comfort to their family.

Whether it’s pairing your vision with the right architect, navigating the permitting process or assembling talented craftsmen to finish every detail of your dream home, Meridian will create the destination lakefront property that you and your family will cherish for generations.

If you have a lake life dream that you’re ready to define into a clear vision, it’s probably time to start a conversation with us. When you do, more specialized resources will open up, additional ideas will form and you’ll be a giant step closer to enjoying your own cherished piece of New Hampshire.

We welcome all inquiries related to NH lakeshore development and construction. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Long at (603) 527 – 0101 Ext. 106.

Building Retreats for Great Escapes

From Vacation Home to Always Home

Anyone who has vacationed in New England knows how ideal the weather and climate can be in the summer. Lots of the summer “camps” and cottages dotting the shores of our lakes and seacoast have been transformed into four-season homes providing a destination for year-round enjoyment. Now, people building and renovating on the waterfront want the option of escaping there anytime, regardless of the season. Some are moving in permanently.

Escaping the Fray

To enjoy life regardless of what the weather brings, you might as well appreciate all the seasons from the comfort, beauty and perspective of a lakefront home. You can enjoy the ever-changing hues of the lakes and mountains whether under sunshine, rain or softly falling snow.

In the era of coronavirus, environmental awareness and information technology, being close to the plant or office is losing importance as some of us find we can work effectively from home, wherever that may be. Trends already point to owners transitioning vacation properties from two-season getaways to year-round homes with amenities equaling their “permanent” residences.

New Opportunities for Creative Excellence

The trend toward having permanent homes away from cities makes building on lakefront property all the more attractive, expanding the market for premium architectural design. Years ago, we implemented a business strategy to be the premier builder of exquisite homes in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire as a balanced approach to diversifying our construction management business. It has worked out well. This category of “residential” projects requires many of the same skill sets, systems and expertise used in commercial construction, and sometimes more as a detail-oriented homeowner may demand.

Architectural Growth Potential

Homeowners love to be fully involved in the creation of their dream homes. They’re invested in the success of their projects and are some of the best clients to work with, and to some architects, this is no secret! We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with architects and specialty craftsmen known throughout New England for excellence in waterfront residential building.

The unique lakefront homes in our portfolio help beautify the shorelines of Lake Winnipesaukee. One of them will soon be featured in NH Home Magazine. Our latest overlooking Alton Bay deserves a look even before its full summer season is underway. Please Scroll our residential portfolio to see some distinctive architectural creativity and building executions.

If you want your next waterfront project to run smoothly, feel free to contact us online or call Tim Long at 603-527-0101 ext. 106

Meridian Construction’s COVID-19 Response

A message from our CEO, Tim Long

To all of our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, associates and friends:

I just cut my Florida vacation short to return to work and implement immediate operational measures based on the latest official information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as industry guidelines from our trade organization, ABC NH/VT.

We joined the ABC NH/VT COVID-19 conference call on March 17th and will continue to participate in the evolving discussions concerning sanitary and social distance best practices at construction sites and administrative offices.

Our work practices now include:

  • Mandatory social distancing at all job sites and offices. Co-workers must avoid personal contact and remain at safe distances (6 ft) from each other.
  • Employees experiencing any cold, flu or other possible symptoms must stay home and if necessary, seek care.
  • All employees and subcontractors practice frequent (hourly) handwashing. Hand sanitizer may be used when soap and water are not available.
  •  Commonly touched surfaces including tools are wiped and cleaned several times daily.
  • All project managers and office staff are working remotely with our telephone and video conferencing systems working well.

We’re pleased to say that all of our job sites are stocked with materials and projects are moving safely along. And while our 12,000 square foot office/warehouse facility has only 2 or 3 people here at a time, our entire team is still in constant communication. We’re grateful for the technology that allows our teams to keep projects running smoothly. We’ll get through this uncharted territory together so let’s stay strong together!

Just yesterday, a woman in California found our company on Google. Her sister, a nurse at CMC in Manchester told her of a desperate need for N95 Masks for nurses & doctors, so the California woman intuitively called construction firms in NH. Hearing her plea for masks, I knew we had a supply and so did our partner company Mark Carrier Construction. I dropped everything and hand-delivered several hundred masks to CMC. They were very thankful and even put up a news release on their website.

Please feel free to call, email or message one of us if you have questions or need anything.

Be safe and well,

Tim Long

Keeping the Focus on Architectural Integrity

Anyone who has made the mistake of “biting off more than they can chew” would gladly avoid suffering the consequences of making the mistake again. Of course, it’s difficult to say “no” to new business opportunities that knock.

Architecturally unique homes and commercial building projects require special materials and attention to fine details that cannot be mass-produced or rushed through production. Never is the lack of resources or demand for expediency a reason to cut corners. Specially skilled subcontractors and craftsmen need to be available at the right times during various construction phases. Items like rare woods and custom metal fabrications take time to acquire.

Architect and Builder Collaboration

We decided many years ago that Meridian Construction’s growth had to be strategic in nature because spreading service and quality too thin will quickly erase any short term gains in project volume. We made a firm commitment to limiting the number of projects we handle at any given time. This would serve clients in the short term and our company in the long term.

Overstressing teams and missing project benchmarks for lack of capacity is never an option, and while we have had to turn potentially lucrative work away, following this principle serves our clients and employees best, as well as the many architects who work closely with us.

Our financial strength provides leverage in minimizing procurement lead times and cost premiums. This strong financial position gives Meridian the advantage in competitive labor situations and tight supply markets.

Architect Vision Made Real

Achieving the architect’s vision and the owner’s goals takes advanced planning as well as having relationships with the right specialty contractors needed to meet quality expectations. Design architects are invited to keep in contact with our teams during all project phases. The improvements we sometimes make together, even while the job is progressing, have delighted our clients on several occasions.

We’ll offer an example. The ability to first deconstruct and then reconstruct a family’s summer estate with reclaimed structure and materials into a mansion on a prized Lake Winnipesaukee property was made possible in a few short seasons because of Meridian’s business model.

The architect’s continuous collaboration during construction kept the design vision clear and resulted in the owner writing to us, “We are enchanted with this home, and cannot thank you enough for assembling the team of professionals who brought our dream to life. You and Meridian have been a pleasure to work with from beginning to end…”

If you are an architect concerned about achieving your design vision on an important project, we invite you to have a conversation with us to see if you and your clients can leverage our strategic approach to quality building execution. Feel free to contact Tim Long or Dave McDonald at (603) 527-0101.

Builder and Community Collaboration Achieves More with Less

The New Kennett Middle School Recreation Center Surpasses Expectations!

Image – Conway Daily Sun, JAMIE GIMMITI PHOTO

Combining ingenuity and multiple levels of cooperation, a much-needed municipal construction project with a firmly limited budget recently came to completion beyond the community’s expectations. Meridian Construction happened to be the lowest bidder of several firms invited to bid. Even so, the bid price exceeded the total budget available and there were no other funding sources.

When we considered the significant gap between the budget ceiling and our bid, we put our heads together and asked, “How can we deliver the project results desired within a budget that doesn’t meet our pricing requirements?” For Meridian, the question isn’t about working around the margins. It’s about the ingenuity to reimagine every part of the construction plan, determine what is absolutely necessary and find ways to satisfy our client’s needs within the financial limits.

The Prudent Approach

With a significant gap in funding and total project cost, mutual concessions would have to be made or the project couldn’t be completed. We just had to make it work! And when your client and the community are eager to collaborate, great results follow, just like they did in Conway!

We put our heads together with town officials and the building facilities manager to determine how we could save money. After carefully reviewing the current and proposed mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing & electrical) we sought the expert opinions of the engineers and maintenance team. Collaboratively, we determined that significant savings could be achieved by de-scoping the mechanical systems specified in the RFP. This prudent innovation closed the cost gap and enabled the project to proceed at full steam. We were then free to focus our efforts on the most important features of a new Gym and Recreation Center such as:

  • New basketball court with polished hardwood floor
  • New backboards & hoops
  • Protective gym wall padding
  • Brighter and more efficient LED lighting
  • New collapsible bleacher seats
  • Energy-efficient windows
Ribbon cutting ceremony

Image – Conway Daily Sun, JAMIE GIMMITI PHOTO

As reported in the Conway Daily Sun, the official citation by Governor Sununu states, “The new facility offers programs for people of all ages and interests and benefits people throughout the community.”

Town Manager Tom Holmes praised Meridian Construction for being a good building partner. “I know they worked early mornings, late nights and weekends without compensation.”

It was truly gratifying for us to work with the Town of Conway and Kennett Middle School. Their close cooperation enabled us to discover a way forward in a constrained budget with results that exceeded quality expectations. We learned once again that an open-minded, innovative approach combined with a spirit of collaboration will result in happy clients and enhanced community assets.

Governor’s Island New Clubhouse Building Dedication

A Party with a Purpose!

Governor’s Island Club – GIC –  is a 500-acre private island community located on, you guessed it, Governor’s Island, Lake Winnipesaukee in the town of Gilford, New Hampshire. It’s one of those places where “the natural beauty of the environment is carefully preserved and where the spirit of community is celebrated.”

As Construction Manager of the new Governor’s Island Clubhouse, Meridian Construction was invited to participate in the grand opening of the new facility and we were thrilled. Turns out there was more to this celebration than being a lively social event.

Residents of Governor’s Island wanted to appropriately commemorate the grand opening of their beautifully appointed new clubhouse. But there had to be something more; a way for club members to express their gratitude for this new asset and give back to the community. And what better way than to help at-risk children in communities throughout New Hampshire?

Standing Up for Children and Their Families

The club’s leadership team decided that the Clubhouse Grand Opening Celebration should offer members a way to contribute to an important local cause, so they planned a Party with a Purpose!

The August 10, 2019 celebration included a significant fundraiser to benefit the Granite State Children’s Alliance and CASA of New Hampshire.

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. “CASA of New Hampshire recruits, trains and supervises volunteers to serve as advocates for abused and neglected children in the New Hampshire court system.” You can read some of the stories of CASA volunteers and the children they advocate for to learn about the amazing and heartwarming outcomes of CASA’s efforts!

The Granite State Children’s Alliance‘s mission is “to provide all victims of child abuse in New Hampshire a neutral environment where justice, healing, equity and prevention are fostered through the consistent, high quality and sustaining collaboration of community partners.”

Meridian Construction was happy to step up as a primary event sponsor and donate $5,000 to kick off the fundraising effort which turned out to be a great success for a great cause.

The Clubhouse

Governor’s Island Club offers members a wide range of private amenities available to residents and their guests. The new GIC Clubhouse serves as a central meeting location for social and community events as well as various recreation such as tennis, beach activities, cookouts, parties and a lot more.

Much of the credit goes to architect Lisa DeStephano, AIA for her superb design that took full advantage of lake views from almost every room in the building!

The clubhouse building’s initially designed features were enhanced even after the construction started as further described:

  • In the initial design, the Cupola was not meant to be visible from the interior. However, after the roof framing was in place, we saw that we could bring in more natural light by adding a light shaft around the roof framing members.
  • The function hall boasts an impressive cathedral-style ceiling achieved with false wood beams showing exposed timber frame elements.
  • As obstructing the view was to be avoided, ongoing discussions and problem-solving during construction resulted in tasteful railings around the decks and in other areas.
  • The kitchen, bar and exterior serving space needed to be a highly functional area, yet fit within strict building size limits.
  • Meridian Construction donated the bar and cabinets to help reduce the club’s cost.

We’re grateful to Governor’s Island Club for their business and pleased to have partnered with them on such a high-quality project. We also had a great time supporting an event to help Granite State Children’s Alliance and CASA of NH!