Governor’s Island New Clubhouse Building Dedication

A Party with a Purpose! Governor’s Island Club – GIC –  is a 500-acre private island community located on, you guessed it, Governor’s Island, Lake Winnipesaukee in the town of Gilford, New Hampshire. It’s one of those places where “the natural beauty of the environment is carefully preserved and where the spirit of community is… Read More »

Happy Construction Crews Offer More to Build On

One of our business associates, an architect, recently remarked “I’ve noticed that your people are different from other crews… they always seem happy while working and eager to help you with anything.” This was obviously nice to hear and a strong validation of what Meridian has done over the years to recruit, keep and support… Read More »

Building on Hope Project Builds on the Love in Our Community

Every two years, the non-profit community in New Hampshire teams up with designers, architects, construction companies and contractors to donate time, money and materials to build or renovate a selected non-profit facility in need of renovations or new space. The 2018 Building on Hope project has been very special to all of the many participants… Read More »

The Quest to Build Safer Schools

Recent events have shattered our view that our schools are safe places for teaching and nurturing our young. Reality forces us to face the truth. Evil and destruction are not restricted to news reports from other parts of the world. Right here in New Hampshire we must do more to ensure that our schools are… Read More »

When Health & Safety Lead Your Priorities

Health and safety leadership means that you never need to catch up with best practices and new regulations governing the proper care of your employees and the safety of their working environments. By making an investment in worker protection and safety, you lower your risks and insurance costs while increasing employee morale and productivity. It’s… Read More »

Supporting Our Communities One Small Project at a Time

It’s always nice to see regional businesses engaged in volunteer work and offering donations where they’re clearly needed. Construction companies are in a unique position to give back to their communities. When you consider the high level of skills combined with their economic influence, buying power and business connections, you can see how valuable construction… Read More »

Interior Construction: Tackle it during winter!

Winter is an ideal time for projects in fully- or semi-controlled environments Property owners in northern climates like New Hampshire, our beautiful “live, freeze and die” state, tend to put off construction projects during the dead of winter – generally December through March when the ground is frozen and a blizzard might be in the… Read More »

Geothermal Energy Systems: Clean, Free Energy Underfoot

It’s never too early or too late to think about how you are going to heat your home or business during the winter. Likewise, you are probably concerned about the energy you are using right now to keep your building cool and comfortable during these warm summer days. It may be surprising to discover that… Read More »

Deconstructing the Challenges of a Sustainable Lakefront Mansion

The house is spectacular, but it’s what you don’t see that’s truly remarkable! Tasked with designing a commercial complex, or a unique, ultra-luxe home on the scale of 7,000-8,000 square feet, architects and owners rest easier when they identify a construction partner with a proven track record of overcoming challenges. A stunning design is only… Read More »

Sustainability Compliments Luxury

Building a top of the line luxury home can become daunting without the proper understanding of the process and its finer details. Everything from the type of insulation to the brand of appliances needs to be decided upon by the homeowner and the builder. Fortunately, there are several energy efficient premium quality products you can… Read More »